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Engine Error Crash Starting New Game
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1st Error:
"Engine Error"
Index out of range (-1 >=45)
Class: 'MyGame'
Function: 'OnUpdate'
Stack trace:

2nd Error:
"Crash Info"
Unhandled exception
Program:...\Steam\steamapps\common\Take On Mars\TKOM.exe
Reason: Access violation. Illegal read by 102b3574 at 0
Script callstack:
Class: 'UIEventHandler'
Function: 'UpdateOptions'
STack trace:

[enf::BaseWorld::AddThread]: ?? addr:0x102b3574
[enf::BaseWorld::AddThread]: ?? addr:0x102b3574


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Game -> main menu.
  2. Select "Space Program"
  3. Select "New Game"
  4. Press space to continue
  5. Mission control screen appears
  6. Crash occurs as soon as mission contol screen has appeared.
Additional Information

Program works fine on my laptop. Error occurs on my desktop PC. Possible cause might be display configuration? Desktop has 2 monitors: Primary screen is 3840x1024 Matorx Triplehead. Secondary screen is 1920x1080 touchscreen in inverted landscape orientation, positioned centrally below primary. TOM is running on Primary display. However, problem DOES STILL OCCUR in 1024x768 Window mode.

If I run Visual Studio 2010 in the background (doing nothing - just sitting there), before starting TOM, then the error DOES NOT OCCUR - but I also have no cursor in the Mission Control screen - only in the menu screens if I press ESC!

So far I have found no workaround that makes the game usable on my desktop system!

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Dram added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 3:29 PM

Hi, looking at where it crashed it appears it was trying to update a hotspot of index -1, which is the problem. That may be caused due to pedals or something of the sort automatically pressing forward/back or side, hence hiding the cursor as well as it goes through the hotspots.

Do you have a wheel, joystick, pedals or anything similar plugged in? If so could you please try to unplug it before starting the game to see if it helps? Then we can further solve the issue.

Well spotted! I have Saitek joystick, throttle and rudder pedals, and leave the rudder pedals plugged in even when not in use, as they are inconvenient to unplug. Unplugging them as you suggested does indeed fix the problem - I can get into the Mission Control screen and interact with it normally.

My preference would be for the program to ignore joystick inputs unless I specifically configure it to use them, or otherwise to have settings in the Options that allow such control. I have had similar problems in the past with programs that automatically use the inputs from the rudder pedals, and have no way to disable them.

It is curious that the main menu and options menu don't suffer from any problem - only the Mission Control screen (so far). Perhaps whatever logic they use could be applied to Mission Control?

In any case; thanks again for identifying the problem so readily! I'm looking forward to seeing how Take On Mars develops!

yup had this as well with saitek rudder pedals plugged in.. unplugging them fixed the crash (but this is obviously a pain).