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Game needs "Autosave"-Function at certain points of the game, e.g. after completing tasks. Just lost 2,5 hours because my game has crashed.


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Play the game, forget to save the game and wait till it crashes or you run out of money.

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You mean auto save.

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sorry, its late here. edited.

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I'd like this too. Ensure it is in separate save slots, and have at least 2 autosave slots, so if one saves in an undesired state, you can revert to the previous.

After completing science tasks, and after changing or disconnecting from a rover/lander would be ideal times.

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Auto save truly would be helpful, sometimes the game crashes when you are landing two vehicles at one location. exp. ( Victoria Crater one rover mission with EAS/EMS and the other with RAD/APXS)

not sure if you guys have the same prob.