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Dust: strorms and devils
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When it's all going as planned and the rover is tugging from one mission to the next, it might get a little too predictable. Lets throw in storms! They can be small like dust devils or massive (a planet wide storm was detected by the mariner 9 probe).

Rovers don't last forever, dust collects on the solar panels thereby slowly draining their capability of recharging. Dust devils can then be a great help: on two Martian rovers they blew away dust from the solar panels.

I think it'll be more exiting if you have to keep an eye on the horizon to spot an incoming storm. And then try to hide behind a rock or postion the rover on a steep crater wall. And it also gives you a dilema: when will wind blow your panels clean and when will they burry your wheels in the sand?


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Taking it one step further. Tap into some RSS feed most likely by NASA to get real life weather from mars.

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to cky2250....This would be awesome.

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I agree it would be good,
but keep in mind that dust storm are not as "bad" as you think actually opportunity rover went through a dust storm and survived it (even if 99% of the direct light was obstructed by the dust he went to sleep mode until the exposure went back)
The weather or mars even cleanded solar panel from the dust deposit he previously had (NASA call it the cleaning event, martian wind remove the dust on solar panel. for instance The power output of Spirit's solar arrays increased from 223 watt hours per day on March 31, 2009 to 372 watt hours per day on April 29, 2009 due to this cleaning event) (
I guess dust should work that way:
-solar panel power supply goes down as time passes. even more if moving.
-sometimes (with a random chance, i think modeling mars's weather would be a too big project and retrieving info from NASA would make the game online forbidding it to no internet connection peoples) wind would lift the dust out of the solar panels. making solar panel power goes up.
-for dust storm (as rover sent are made to be able to survive those rude condition) they would rather block direct exposure but also clean de solar panels so it would be temporaly bad but good afterward.
aside from that it would be great to have a "no mars weather" to disable those feature option to allow people who prefer fun over realism (even if i would never us it)

anyway i'm supporting this idea.

Why not take it one step farther and tap into NASA rover control as well and switch it with Take On Mars? Doubt they would notice!

I like cky's idea lets somehow use real world weather that's taking place on mars implement it into the game somehow.