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Game device conflict with controls even if not mapped to any functions.
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If you have a rudder pedal game device plugged in it will conflict with the controls even though it's not mapped to any of the functions.

My rover is driving around in circles, but I can not unmap it from controls.


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I had a simulare problems with my logitech g940 joystick/trottle/pedals.

But I could solve it by deleting the original key configuration ingame and config the game not to use joystick for anything.

I did however notise that the "D" key are used for both turning right, but also for something els ( standard key configuration ).

How to reproduce..:
open the options/settings/key config
Delete the "d" key.
Now add the "d" key again and you will get a warning that the "D" key is already mapped to something els.

That solved it for me to. I had to reapply all movement keys, though my rudders was not showing up in the controls as mapped to anything.

I had no conflicts with the D key.