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Editor shows random camera view
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First of all, if this is just me, sorry.
It seems that when you press the Editor button, then select the terrain, you are just stuck on some kind of camera view, with menu music playing, I don't know if it's supposed to be like this.
Here's a video of it:


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Check video

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Not happening to me. So you should maybe attach a dxdiag if it's driver/hardware related.

What key do you press when you've got into the editor?

runekn added a comment.Aug 1 2013, 5:30 PM

@takeonmarslover - What do you mean? WHen I press "Enter location" after selecting terrain I just go straight to the editor. Without getting stuck like you're showing in the video.

I'm getting this also.

I think i solved it temporarily, switch to development build, and restart game, I got it working.

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I can confirm switching to development, or couple of restarts(didn't test that properly) fixes this

Dram added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 12:18 PM

Fixed the issue, it was caused specifically if you went from the Space Program straight into the Editor mode, then the free fly camera was not being update. Will be available in today's development build and in the next major update.

Development build may be accessed through: