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Craftable netting
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Have not personally seen netting for ages, how about making netting craftable from 10 or 20 burlap strips with a sewing kit? Imo would not be too easy for ghillie suits and would add a feeling of "progress" to end game.


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have found 10 nettings wandering the coast up and down for like 5-6 times on different servers


You're not meant to server hop.

You found about 1 netting per second server. That's not enough to even craft a gun wrap. I do agree, netting should be somehow craftable, but take a lot of time. Maybe by making rope from scratch out of bark?

-Harvest bark then leave it to soak in a barrel full of water for X time to soak it up.

-Harvest wood fibres from bark.

-Craft improvised rope.

-Craft netting out of X amount of improvised rope.

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after experimenting a bit have found lately much more netting for some reason, still took about 5 hours for 6 netting though