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Disappearing Helicopters (Mirages)
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I was in the Pogorevka area looking for helicopters when I saw a US helicopter on one server and a Russian heli on another through my binoculars to the east of the gas station along the power lines between the two deer stands. SO, I ran there and sure enough the helicopter disappeared. This happened twice on two different servers. What gives?


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Go to where I described above and server hop until you see a helicopter. Then run up to it and it disappears.

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Okay so this doesn't happen all the time because I just found a Russian heli in the pogorevka area and it didn't disappear which leads me to believe that the "disappearing" helis are possibly just heli's that hit the end of some sort of timer which caused them to despawn and respawn somewhere else

On some servers the helis have been changing location every ten minutes or so, instead of the 4 hours it is supposed to be

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ah ok I guess it's server specific then