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Carbine Clips too rare
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I think a lot of the items balance is off. This is just one of them I'm trying to find. I can find a complete smersh, but finding a carbine clip is ridiculously difficult to do. Infact, I haven't actually found one yet...and I play a good amount of hours everyday. Please increase the number of Carbine clips. The gun is common enough that I should be finding a few clips per city.


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Just search for the item, ya ain't finding it.

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found several (3) carabine clips as per now though the spawn rate is very low.

Thank you whoever upped the amount. I'm finding them now. One at a lighthouse, then one day I logged on and I could find them. I mean, I could really find them like someone out there actually owned a carbine. I'm happy.

Found two myself. They aren't that hard to find.