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Using Tire repair Kit on defective Tires does not automatically show the Effect, after ReLogging the Tires are 'pristine' again.
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If one uses the Repair Kit on Tires, there is no Autoupdate of the State, one has to log out and in again, to see the Tires as 'pristine'.


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Self-explanatory, i think. ^^^

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Can confirm, when using old UI wheels don't get repaired instantly but when using -newui repair effect is instant.

i think u just have to take to your hand to get the status updated. this also sometimes apply to other thinks that can repaired. e.g. clothes or backpacks. just put the wheel on the ground and in your hands again and the status should be updated

with new UI i dont see any problems. for me "problem solved" because old UI will vanished.

Sorry, i don't know, what "oldUI" and "newUI" means and how i can get "newUI" to my DayZ. Is it an Update-Issue or do i have to patch something manually or to set some Kind of Switch in the Game Options?

the new UI is not finished yet and only for testing. if you want it you have to use startparameter -newui

Okay, thanks.