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Two Player, one Internet-Connecten, One Server = not working since the last update
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hello devs,
since the last update, my GF and me are unable to connect to multipe Server at the same time. This could be one reson why multipe Server are so often not full as they were before. It could be that alot of player have this problem. In the past we had this problem with two friend how are also playing over one internet-connecten (same house).
My GF and me hasn't have this Problem at all accept after this update.


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-Two Player
-One Internet-Connecten
-One Server (we had it with fragnet and sonixprod server)

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this is not a good xmas-gift

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This is not a problem since 0.59. This was like this before.

ONE of you needs to put the following string into the launch parameters of the DayZ Game in Steam:

After this you can play with your girlfriend.

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nice to know. Thanks. We try it later.

have been playing with 4 players on one connetion during my last lan sessions. worked fine for 0.58 & 0.59 without start parameters

Have been playing 0.59 between christmas and new year with a buddy on my internet connection. It worked absolutely flawless, no problems at all.