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Official Benchmark & Options/Specs Reporting Tool
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There is constant threads created about problems with performance. This leads to a lot of frustration both for those with issues and those without who have to come on here and engage in discussions trying to troubleshoot the game. All of this would be greatly alleviated if the game developers could create a benchmark that would give us a reliable and consistent measure for how the game is performing. In addition to a benchmark having the graphics settings and system specs be included with the benchmark results would be an invaluable tool in diagnosing performance issues. I would really like to see this implemented, sooner rather than later. Because despite how cool all the new features might be, none of that is going to matter if the game runs consistently poor on high spec systems. It is counter intuitive and frustrating for the community to have to constantly deal with these performance issues without any tools from the developers to aid in resolving them. I would be pretty shocked if something like this doesn't already exist internally for the developers. Testing is an integral part of software development, and in my experience, developers who do not use a suite of testing tools usually don't produce good work.


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I think it would be better if they replace the engine before everything else.

Why continue working with an crappy engine?

I always thought that something like this was going to happen in beta when optimization and bug fixing becomes the primary focus for a large portion of the workforce.

Are we there yet?