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Character reset after being kicked from server while inside vehicle
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My character has been reset twice while driving the Lada. Both times the server has kicked me with the message "You were kicked off the game (Battleye: client not responding)".

Upon relogging, the server will give you the cursory 30 secs for reconnecting in the same server I was previously playing in.

After those second pass, and a while stuck in "please wait", I receive the red message "Your character was unable to be loaded and has been reset. A system administrator has been notified. Please reconnect and continue." Relogging after this confirms that the character has indeed been reset.

It should be noted that I have been kicked from the same server with the same Battleye message while NOT inside a vehicle, and my character has proven to be fine (NOT reset). I also have disconnected while inside a vehicle (because of a computer crash unrelated to the game) and reconnected with my character still fine.

It seems only to happen when you're forcibly kicked. It remains to be seen if the kick has to be specifically a "Battleye: client not responding" kick.

It must also be noted that on both opportunities I was driving the vehicle at considerable speed as I was kicked (though, in both opportunities, I was able to return as a new character to the vehicle to find it completely fine and still in the road, as if the vehicle had come to a complete and sudden halt the very moment I was kicked, instead of straying off course).


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Steps To Reproduce

1- Get inside a vehicle.
2- Get kicked from the server by Battleye while inside the vehicle.
3- Try to relog.

Additional Information

All events transpired on the same server, which is on a private hive. The server I get disconnected from, and the one I try to log back in again are the same. The time between getting disconnected (kicked) and reconnecting was as small as possible (taking into consideration the urgency of not getting your own vehicle stolen)

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