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flashbang used as trap
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I've noticed unpinned flash-bang will not explode when dropped from hands to ground, but will explode if dragged back in inventory.
One weird thing is you can put an unpinned flash-bang in your inventory and then on the ground before it explodes in your backpack.
The flash-bang will not explode on the ground but if someone takes it, it will explode in his inventory a few secondes later.
It may works with grenade too, haven't tested.


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Put flash-bang into hands.
Unpin it.
Drag it back in inventory.
Before it explodes, drag it on the ground.
It will only explode when someone takes it and it makes a perfect trap.

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Windows 10 64Bits

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I do believe this is possible with explosive grenades as well. I may have died due to this a while back when I took a grenade out of a players tent and put it into my backpack.

grenades have a 5 sec timer before the explode from my experience.

This happened to my friend with an explosive RDG-5 grenade. A player camping nearby who knew where my group was camping had a fresh-spawn try to jihad us with the grenade. A member of our group managed to shoot him down before he got near us. My friend tried to recover the grenade about 20seconds after the fresh-spawn's death and got blown up as soon as the item was in his inventory.