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Sedan completed with parts, unable to get in.
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So we found a vehicle, a sedan. No parts whatsoever.
I collected all the parts necessary.

By adding the first wheel, the vehicle started to slide down a slope but ended up in town. Adding a second tire got it sliding again. Adding the third tire, spark plug and battery worked as well. I could get into the vehicle, start it, but was unable to drive because of the missing fourth wheel.

After finally adding the fourth wheel I was UNABLE to get into the car again (also the passenger seat was not to be found and the spark plug couldn't be removed as well) but I could see the inventory. After logging in and out, same issue. I shot one of the tires because I thought it got stuck or something but no luck.


  • Before vehicle was complete, able to get in and start the engine.
  • Now the vehicle is complete we are:

1.Unable to get into vehicle (after logging as well)
2.Unable to detach battery and spark plug.
3.Able to get into the inventory.


After attaching a headlight I was able to get in the vehicle again and remove the spark plug.


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Though it might be random, it could have something to do with the sliding of the car down the slope? This is my first car so unable to reproduce. I will wait for a server restart to see if this is still the case.

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disassemble all wheels and the try again. assemble wheel by wheel and check status in between. this helped me to get the "get in as driver" message again.

Also try to get in from the passenger seats.

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I can confirm this fixes the problem.