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Carbine Clip
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I have been playing quite a while now, but I really don't think the Carbine Clip spawns.


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Search around the entire map a couple times, no clip.

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it does spawn but is very rare. found two so far. one in shed and one in standard 1 floored house

I'll continue trying... I wanted to give the carbine a real try this time, but the gun is only as useful as the clip is to find.

Is there any way you can tell me what city you found them in? Loot seems to spawn different from city to city and I find myself in the north western part of the map most of the time.

Nevermind. I stay in the north west to mid range part of the map...I bet if I go to the coast I'll find it. All the good gear is still on the coast...

Nope, not finding anything on the coast either...guess I'm sticking to the model 70 instead for a while. I don't see how a clip for a better gun should be easier to find than a carbine clip. I'm going to re-submit this ticket as an imbalance...cause I still haven't found one. LOL

i'm mostly wandering around the north. found my clips in novo and the small village on it's north-east...

havn't found another one since then.