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Character moving without an animation
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When you have a gun on your back and equip another gun into your hands (ONLY IF YOU ARE STOOD OR CROUCHED DOING SO), the character's animation will stay stuck standing or stay "stuck" crouched depending on the stand they were in, this is not shown the clients screen, only on others.
However, can still move around freely, leaving a character which moves without any running/walking animation. The only way to fix this is to: Preform an action which includes the hands, remove the weapon from your hands and pick it back up again or to swap weapons from your back and into your hands.
Crouching, prone-ing or standing will not fix this and thus, the character crouches on client's screen, on others, they will be stood up if they were stuck whilst standing up.


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Be stood or crouched.
Place weapon onto back.
Pickup another weapon into hands.
You are now "stuck" in that stance to other players and can move around freely.

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Pain in the ass to shoot at because you are sliding, even worse when crouched.

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Since 2 patches there are more problems like this.

I can see my friends characters animating something but they can't see it.
Also if you change your weapong, the character RELOADS his weapon. ONLY other people can see this.
And many many other animation errors you can't see but others.

The same issue, ie. characters not moving limbs even when they are running etc, happens to me when I have weapon in hands (I am not even double carrying) and I press number on hotbar to take out say binoculars.

This, for me, almost everytime glitches the animations, that people see me moving around with body stuck in one position.

How to replicate:

Put some item onto hotbar, preferably canteen or binoculars.
Put your weapon into your hands.
Press number on hotbar to take out binoculars.
Put your weapon back into your hands preferably also by using hotbar.

Have somebody near you to confirm if the animations during running are stuck or not. For me, they almost every time get stuck like that.

Very anoying bug.

Characters are not always in sync with others. You can be stuck in an animation while standing for others. While you on your screen can be laying down.

I've seen friends be killed on top of buildings because of this. They're prone on their screen, but to us (and the enemy) they're stood up.