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Secondary takes place of the primary and drops the primary out of your hands.
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Big issue, Lets say i have a primary gun, and a secondary in my backpack. Join a server, the secondary moves up to the top of the backpack slots (why dunno) if i have my primary on my back. It then puts the secondary on my back and as i pull my axe out my priamry has now disappeared.

I have done it with the mp5 (which disappears alot through the ground if dropped btw)
I have done it with the Sawed off shotgun. Primary does the same and falls to the ground and you where unaware of it.

So its happening with many guns, and some how the secondary is moved to your back, and then when you pull out a axe it then shifts the secondary to your back, and the primary guns drop to the ground and go poof sometimes.

Help us asap on this issue please.


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