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Speed hacks used tonight in Zel Dayz Dal 2-0 9:23pm est.
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Guy speed Ran skipping fields after fields. So Battleye patches did not catch the last hacks.


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No video, don't care anymore. Since its almost impossible to catch them. Also he blew past a clan mate, in zel through 2-3 fields.

This game is really starting to suck. Serious suck.

It's the ignorant people like yourself who "contribute" useless bug reports which contribute to the downfall of this game. You purchased a game pre-release. They even told you it's pre-release, and that some builds may not be for your play-time enjoyment. Yet you continue to whine and moan about a game which is currently in dev.

If this game was past beta and we still had issues like this then I would be motivated to agree with you.

EDIT: Hackers gonna hack, and the more they hack the more the dev team will be able to remedy the holes in their software which enable hackers. You want to whine about how they should fix hacking now? What do you want first? Well, I'll tell you, getting hack-proof first is not feasible since the content to be added this hypothetical "hack proof patch" (which you so desperately desire) will just break any hack proofing which was done.

You have to wait for the game to be finished to get rid of hackers. Stop moaning.

  • It's the ignorant people like yourself who "contribute" useless bug reports --

This bug report is not useless.

He said "speed hack is still possible" and I am a 100% sure Bohemia knows the problem already.

The topic was out of frustration right after the new so called hacker proof battleye was updated to stop those last hacks.

Paper26 cleared the topic title up. Ignore the Ghoulman comment, you have no way to catch them with your normal feet to video record them.