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Central loot economy issue
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To my understanding, the central loot economy spawns one item every 5 seconds. However, the behaviours shown at 0.58 and 0.59 doesn't reflect that.

There are two issues:

  • More than one item spawns every 5 seconds.
  • Same items spawn at all points.

E.g: 0.58 officer's tent. You'd pull all the items out and empty the building - this causes new loots to spawn. It would be like: 1 minute dorment, 20 seconds of 10 same items(e.g. 10 45 ACP ammo box) spawning, 1 minute dorment, 20 seconds of 10 bottles spawning.

E.g: 0.59 police station. You'd pull all the items out and empty the building - this causes new loots to spawn. It would be like: 5 minute dorment, 20 seconds of several items populating the spawn points. and so on.(It seems that items don't spawn that quickly after "30 minute lifetime on spawn" CLE update. However, same items spawning en mass is still an issue.)

I think there's a problem to have 5 ballistic vests in a hanger, or a flood of items suddenly populating a building. If my observations are correct, CLE is tapping into multiple identical spawn points at once, filling it with same items.


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Problem is they turned some items off from spawning.

Then the list of items that spawns in that area, are doubling until taken out and discarded.

So let me try to explain.
1.List is 30 items long.
2.I take out 25 of those items (due to testing)
3.5 items will repeat spawning.
4.If i take 1 of the 5 items being what i need.
5.It will re-spawn after the time. Populating the area again. If 30 minutes holds true.
6.Leaving duplicate items in the area because only 5 items are measured.

Now another scenario.

  1. I have 5 items spawning

a. I have bino's on .90% chance
b. I have AKM on .50%
c. I have AKM Hand guard on 75%
d. I have Ballistic helm on 75%
e. I have M4 on .0000001% spawning

You will eventually add up to 6-10 loot spots in the barracks with bino's
Does this sorta make sense? on the loot table problem currently? Its only because the items have been reduced from spawning. Its not balanced at this time due to testing of items.

I don't know why its a problem to just leave the loot table alone, unless there is a phase that we are unaware of trying to get the % correct or they are systematically fixing each item 1 by 1.

I Go through these tables all the time in Arma 3 Epoch, exile, or scripts. It appears to be the standard they have chosen.

I would prefer a % random out of 100% so that if it hits 55,0001, or 55,0002 it would correctly balance out the loot so that not one item only has a .00001 % chance to spawn that item. We can't have a system that will be unbalanced before we get started, leaving bino's the only item to spawn in the area. If you get my drift.

Your correct about whats happening, Due to limited products spawning.

If i am incorrect i would like a dev to explain it to me. Since we will be modding soon anyways, and we will be looking at those tables right away. Its important for us to know, to better our own server.