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Hacker/Scripter Teleporting killing players across map
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2 Friends in NWAF killed seconds after each other. Another was killed less than a minute later far north near Stary Yar. i logged out in Severograd to change UI to kick user with in game admin after verifying who the player was with admin logs. As i logged in, i heard one shot as soon as i saw game loading and was killed. after looking at logs a 3rd time i can confirm it was the same exact person for all kills. i can provide screen shots of logs if necessary.

Another player suspected of hacking was the player named GG PLAYS R PRO(uid=76561198095811629) who i believe was with him, and got one of the kills. {F33039} {F33040}


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"pc master race(uid=76561198261608374)"

after kicking the above name with GUID, i determined his Steam ID is:

the other player i believed to be a hacker, happens to be friends with him on Steam as well and logged out/disconnected soon after i kicked the first player.

the 2nd suspected players Steam ID is :

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funny thing is friends with dean hall too.

Hello iMrEnigma,

Thanks for putting this to our attention as well as sending all that info across to us. We'll perform an investigation and see what we can dig up on that player so that we can take appropriate action.