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Thrown items are not affected from automatic persistence wipes
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I put a truck wheel to my hands and then threw the truck wheel on the floor by pressing G, I took food to my hands and started eating it, then pressed cancel action before it was completed

Almost after a 24 hours passed, the wheel was still at the place I threw it.

So I'm guessing thrown items are not affected from persistence wipes. Because technically it should have been deleted in 30 minutes? Or I don't know, 4 hours? I'm pretty sure it shouldn't have stood there for 24 hours.

I tried it with an amphibia S just now, I'll see what rolls out from that.

I made the report private, so that people won't abuse this and maybe cause possible server crashes or something, due items stacking up or something.


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I was wrong, there is not such issue.

Please close this.