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Fishing - pulling out without moving
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When fishing, most of the time when attempting to catch a fish myself and a friend are getting the 'You have moved and pulled the bait out of the water'. Possibly due to being in proximity to my friend. I was using improvised fishing rod (pristine rope + pristine hook), friend (guts + hook). Tried dozens of times and was able to catch one fish and have one take the bait away, same as my friend, but only when one fishing at a time. Tried without touching mouse, and with '*' key keeping character in place. Message pops up without moving, makes fishing near impossible.


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By fishing with friend/near other players

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Can confirm on 0.59.131009. Upvoted. Having this problem only within proximity of another player who is also attempting to fish. While my buddy was sitting in the V3S, no problems, fishing worked as normal.