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[DESYNC] Random
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I observe random desync, example during 30 min it is perfect, then I observed during several minutes a full desync:

  • Unable to pick up items
  • Unable to vault

Could you take a look at the TRANS_USERDATA_HOST_MIGRATE DPDX packets ? I already reported the issue about this, I don't think that regarding the architecture we should act temporarily as an host we are not in a peer architecture if I am not mistaken. Also it seems to be random because it is probably caused by nearby players (inside the network bubble).


  • A player take the place of the host and update the server about what is inside his network bubble. If I am inside his network bubble, the player acting as an host will report MY nametable (updating MY position, inventory, status...) and I will be in desync with the server until I receive a TRANS_USERDATA_RESYNC_VERSION or send a TRANS_USERDATA_NAMETABLE_VERSION to report my nametable.

I may be wrong, it is just an educated guess but please take a deeper look into this it would explain a lot.(remember the items stealing from a distance? Random deaths ? Global chat chitchat ? Wave of arrows ? Bombing ? Well..)

Sorry if I am a bit insistent but this game is awesome :)


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You seem to be on to something here. Voted up so the dev's will hopefully take a closer look at these packets. I also really want to see desync issues like this eradicated.