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Desync issues when hitting non-lethal shots on players
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The title pretty much says it:

If the shot is lethal the feedback is pretty instant. However if the guy you shot only gets some blood and shock damage he can run for quite a while until he drops unconscious. I think the server has problems making the proper calculations with blood loss and shock damage. Therefore: Desync happens. The player on the damage receiving end has even time to shoot back even if his shock levels would indicate that he should be unconscious.

Headshots (if lethal) drop players instantly. There is no desync to be experienced.


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1.) Shoot a running player in the head (could be difficult). He should drop dead instantly.

2.) Shoot a runnning player in the body with a lower calibre and high frequeny weapon like the sporter and you will find a lot of desync.

Additional Information

Just some general guessing: Of course I don't know a lot about the message synchronisation process in DayZ. However it seems obvious that the server checks for every shot if it is lethal or not. If not he makes the proper calculations for blood, shock and health levels and distributes them across the involved players. There must be a problem after the "if (lethal)" statement.

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It's tough to tell because desync is definitely an issue, especially in close quarters combat. If you trade kills with someone but on your screen you never see them raise their gun and fire, then that's clearly desync, IMO.

However, if everything seems smooth except for the fact that the player doesn't immediately drop, then maybe they are trying to simulate adrenaline keeping a critically-wounded individual on their feet a few extra seconds? That would be kind of cool, but I don't know if that mechanic is actually in the game.