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Client fps cut in half [0.59]
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Compared to the last experimental update, my fps has dropped significantly although I've made no graphical changes.

For reference, I was getting roughly 45 fps in smaller towns. I struggle to get into the mid 20s now.

Also it appeared as if buildings and loot wouldn't render in full detail until I was within 50m

I've checked with other users who are also reporting similar experiences.

Edit: fps seems to be fine, it might have been an issue from joining servers to early or a configuration issue but when I played again 5 hours later, everything was fine. {F32933}


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Windows 10
GTX 970
i7 4790k
16gb ram

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Probably confirmed!

I have also experienced this. Last night I was playing with some of the best FPS I have experienced in a long time. Typically before the recent patch I would get amazing FPS in small bursts and then massive stuttering which would alternate and get worse the longer I played.

However the recent patch eliminated this and was so wonderful! The patch this morning though reverted all that and I am back to terrible bursts of stuttering mixed with fine FPS in between. I will attach my dxdiag

The issue has persisted for me and has not gone away with time, still choppy