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The game(dayz) no longer pops up as a running program when I click the play button and turns my screen black.
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I started up steam then went to library and clicked Dayz(experimental) and then clicked the play button. the battle eye command window pops up then leaves (like normally does) then nothing happens. i right clicked my task bar to pop up task manager but it freezes. i pop up my start menu but it freezes and then the mouse stops moving then the screen goes black thats it nothing else happens. i have tried to reinstall it didnt work same thing. i tried opening it through windows not steam but it says unable to obtain instance of steam and when i click "ok" the screen goes black. {F32924} {F32925}


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

1.start steam
2.go to library click dayz(experimental) "play" button
4.battle eye pops up then leaves
5.nothing/computer slowly starts to freeze

Additional Information

I will put the DxDiag on a file share site and will post link just incase.I was playing the game fine on the 11/19/15 from 11pm to 4am 11/20/15. this was my official last login of the game. also when i do this my friends have informed me that the steam friend list says i am playing Dayz but it cuts me out of curse voice,ventrilo, and skype.

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Working now? as battleye patch was issued a day or so ago.

Should be fixed, unless the video res is out of wack.