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Magazines for weapons should spawn empty
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As stated above. Empty magazines would make ammo for them extremely rare, and quite a commodity. In turn, it will allow you to spawn more (now empty) mags, and make certain weapons (CR527) much more viable. It will also allow you to make weapons (sometimes, rarely) spawn with mags attached, because they will not be immediately available to use, and thus, not OP.

It is a non-issue with small mag weapons, like CR527. But, if you consider the huge mags (double stanag, akm drum, upcoming saiga drum, upcoming saw), they would then contain a ridiculous quantity of ammo - more than any player would need in a lifetime, basically.


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there was an old discussion that weapons will spawn with random attachments like magazines and stocks... it can be that you will find the CR527 with magazine and only 1 shoot or maybe empty.

at this moment some weapons are dead and not used.

the izh18 single shoot, because the ammo is hard to find and the cr527 because the ammo is hard to find and without the magazine the weapon is useless.