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Bad loot pool-repawn count
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I have been witnessing a over load of loot spawning in the new barracks NW AF. Someone loots 1-2 pieces, then randoms spawn again with 1-2 more binos, in the end it isn't removing those objects after restart its keeping the un looted part still on the ground.

By the end of the day 24hrs, you may or may not end up with this.

There is a way to remove this problem, as duping and also server hoping could be somewhat reduced.

After full server restart have the script re run a loot remove, and then repopulate while its offline for the reboot. Add 1-2 more minutes if you must to the counter. Doesn't matter.

The persistence items such as tents and other objects player placed are not removed, as it checked those sql calls, player placed objects inside barrel, tents, do not remove item if persistence is enabled.

it will remove the same populated object if only 1 or 2 items are removed at a time from the floor.

Just suggesting, not sure the structure yet.


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