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Hacker recorded - with pulse check to determine identity
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Hi there,

Please review this video to see a hacker, and me checking his pulse to verify his identity. Then i went to the player list and found him. Details below. Biggest issue is he is a member of the clan [420] - which is an active public server. Not sure if they're all using them.


1:58- You can hear someone asking him if anyones inside, then I ask to affirm he's seeing through the walls.

2:07- I check his pulse to get his name

2:18- He confirms their names through the wall (while it looks like hes sliding)

After the video he punched someone through the floor, two stories up.

His steam name makes me think he's running the 420 server.

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Same type of hack being used tonight in public server. Fury something or other. Video also recorded them flying over 2 fields in 1 sec. Then auto aiming to hit players. Died which saved the rest of us. Pretty sad that the injectors still being used after all this.

They must have worked on it, to bypass the battleye. There has to be a better way then this. Its ruining our fun honestly.