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[EXP .59 11/6] Helicopter crash sites despawn in front of players
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The helicopter dynamic event can despawn in front of players


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Find a helicopter. Wait for it to despawn

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not a bug, its the Dynamic timer for new crashes and police-cars

Crashes are not working as intended. Was lurking near NWAF and watched one spawn in and disappear within 10 minutes. Not the first time I have observed this across multiple servers. Same with police car spawns. Are these events tied to server time/speed?

I have had this happen to me three times now. First time was in Russian heli for cover and it was suddenly gone, almost getting me killed. Then on two other occasions American helis just disappeared while I was looting. One of the times there were two helis close to each other and both just poofed away and the smoke slowly went after that as well. mine was on 59 stable branch though

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I had this same problem on two different servers yesterday. Seems like a bug. helis shouldn't despawn that quickly. it's like a heli mirage. I thought it might be a windows 10 thing since this didn't happen until I installed windows 10 but I noticed you have windows 7 so that's probably not the problem