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Remove the Stun baton. Add in the regular Police Baton you have in the files as a common police spawn.
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So, the Stun baton is a junk item. It deals basically no damage, and it doesn't function properly. It just clutters up the police spawns immensely. There are police stations that are simply overflowing with stun batons.

You will say - But it needs a battery!

Batteries are helluva rare and I'd rather use them in a Rangefinder or a scope. Besides, the Stun baton only offers 1 stun hit per battery.

It is easily solvable - make the regular baton (which was leaked in the files about a year ago) spawn instead - which would be much more appropriate.


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Try the Stun baton.

Try it with a battery, see how utterly useless it is.

Also, it has LED diodes, but it doesn't work like a flashlight.

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It is just a junk novelty item that nobody ever uses because it is useless.

The picture shown is the regular police baton that is just rotting away in files. It would be significantly more appropriate for police stations and cars.

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