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Make Makarov the "mainstay" of the police stations, like you did with the p cars. Also, it should be the military's sidearm too.
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So, the police stations are all over the place, they spawn a lot of gear. But they spawn only CR75's. There's also police cars which do spawn only Makarovs, (which is good). The main issue here is that the police cars spawn ONE gun, while the police stations spawn another, which just looks bad.

Makarov is probably one of the weakest pistols, and at the same time, one of the most abundant ones (realistically) in the post-soviet region. Also, it has quite a history from the mod. It should be the mainstay of the police and the military in the area. It has an 8 rnd mag, and a weak round - the coast should provide just the lowest of the low tiers of weapons to propagate the inland migrations.


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Check the police stations (preferably on a high pop server) - you will find basically nothing but CR75s.

Check the police cars, on the same server - you will find Makarovs.

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Also, Makarov should be the only pistol spawning in the military zones.

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