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hacker streaming cheating now pls ban and stop him
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Dayz hacker on live streaming :
pls give a global ban this is his steam id {F32737} {F32738}


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this guy get original script from russian hacker and sell in china dayz community

im a private server ownner and i know what he did according to admin log and his clan community side

POWER 76561198173225493
buoluo 76561198089388545
lala 76561198178484965
HOuZh1 76561198173195699
HeifA 76561198178537125
Itsvan-.- 76561198185717545
Clearlove 76561198173195699

he always play with above id,and he said he can buy a new copy if get ban,sorry for my english

you should track his ip record ,some times he use vpn access to abused a vac ban,so just look those ip from mainland china with is his true ip

[WOLF]Lone Wolf" (id=76561198184400350)

i get some more UID , alll is his teammates

they are the one who spreading cheating scripts in Chinese dayz community,and the way to threatening people like a gangster

"IF U REPORT ME . I WILL TRACKING YOU wherever you are and break your legs all the times" ------ from his stream channel

UID:76561198173225493 - pls check this UID and ban ,... i mean all of his account should get ban as well

his in on streaming now,, please check it out :

he has use another steam account , but in game name still use "POWER "

his new account is play same server with this guy [WOLF]Boluo(id=76561198089388545)

he is in this server now :
name: POWER

TIME : 19:52 [ GMT 8+ ]

Hi Jambajamba,

Thanks for putting this to our attention. We'll perform an investigation and see what we come up with.