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server owners vs hackers
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i asked brian hicks about a month ago if there was any way he would allow admins to ban, He said NO, cause admins abused it. the problem with that line of reasoning is, so a few admins probly did abuse it, so the answer is to punish all the public servers admins by taking away banning ability, at the same time, that allows free roam for all hackers on public servers, they have nothing to fear now, so lets study this. hackers roam any map and do whatever, and players know this so now its even more hackers than ever, all bad things, hackers have a win win here. admins cant ban wich means we cant stop hackers or deter them, and thats bad enough, but the real problem with this is, this hurts the players ability to enjoy the game they bought. hackers ruin it for them. and the dev team is allowing it. thats just the truth Conn (BambiLand2 server owner) {F32734}


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this is just and example i will send just a 3 hrs ADM file from last night. look it over and you will see many hackers, look at the kills and look at the times between them, also look st how fast they kill again after dying, (usually within seconds). the way i see it is i have 2 options, 1 is, dayz lets us ban hackers, 2 is, i have been aproached by 2 hackers offering their services for a small fee, i could shut down one of my smaller servers to cover this fee. i do not approve of hackers, but im tired of players coming to my teamspeak about hackers killing them and all i can do is say i cant do anything.and if i do #2 what would dayz do when other servers start doing the same thing? this is all on the dev team, its your call.

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Sounds like those hackers are setting up a protection racket...

I just got killed by hackers with endless ammo on Bambiland 2 ... :(