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Possible Hacked 'official' Dayz Server
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We suspect the below server is not an official server. But is a hacked whitelisted public server.

BambiLand2 CRAZY LOOT !!

The IP address of is assigned to a company called redstation. These are not an official DayZ hosting company and are not outsourced by any other GSP.

This server is also well known for running an in game public server 'loot' business. They sell loot, for real money, to gamers who visit the server. Transaction is performed via skype and paypal.

Can you confirm that this is an official dayz server? right now it is the worlds #1 dayz server according to gametracker (link below). It would be a public relations disaster for bohemia if this went unnoticed.


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not a bug

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not a bug

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Hi mudders,

We just checked the server, and it is legit (run by Vilayer).

Do you by any chance have some more info on the loot shop, like a website or something of the sorts?