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Stuck in the invisible basement and can't get out.
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I logged out inside a building, and when I logged back in I was trapped in the basement with no way to clip through to escape. Are you able to move my current character so I can escape? It might be a solution to do a check on players spawning in to fight the surface at the players location and ensure they are not underneath. {F32717}


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Here is the link to my steam profile:

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I managed to escape. I switched to windowed mode, set the dayz process to terminate in task manager, then in game ran, alt tabbed to the process terminate dialogue and pressed enter to terminate the process. When I logged back in I was free. Issue resolved. Still would be a good idea to check players spawning in to make sure they are above the surface of their spawn positions.

Hi vigilvindex,

Good to hear that you managed to get out :) The team is aware of the issue, and it is scheduled to be fixed during development.

In case you experience any other problems in the future, please feel free to submit another ticket.