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The graphics are changing from good to very bad. It's changing back and forth like a flickering light
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As i said above. It is so anoying that it lags the whole game. It is now unplayable.
It started when i had windows 7. I have now windows 10, and i still got the problem.


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get rid of maxmem maxvram and threads launch parameters ok

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How do i do that?

Thanks for the fast reply!

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Let me elaborate a little, as I have the same problem. The game doesn't update the LOD for objects even when up close to them. This means that in some cases I run up to a building and it has the same low textures as it would have if it was rendered far away from me. In some cases the walls are transparent and I can see the objects inside(furniture, loot) some with high res textures, some with low. This lasts for a few good seconds and then the texture update starts and fps drops to 1(practically 0) and the disk usage spikes to 99% until the textures are loaded. I have a 64bit OS and the OP has 32bit so this is not the problem, and this issue occurs on low or high population servers.

PS: I have no launch commands set up in Steam

Can someone explain to me how I get rid of the maxmen stuff? I am not the best with this kind of settings.