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Character stuck where a concrete wall intersects with a pile of dirt.
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I was running along a concrete wall that is too high to vault over attempting to vault over it at a spot where the rising ground level would allow. The wall intersects with a mound of dirt. The mound of dirt is difficult to walk on and after attempting to vault over the dirt and the wall my character became stuck against the wall. I am unable to move in any fashion (i.e. rotating while standing or crouched or rolling while prone) with the exception of changing stances.


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I have not had the chance to reproduce this encounter. Speculatively, it would only require somebody to attempt to walk or vault where I was trapped.

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The character belongs to user

The character is on a 1PP/Hardcore private server with the IP

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Hi CharlieTango,

Thanks for sending in your information. Your problem should now be solved. In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to submit a new ticket.