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All Items wiped on Server
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Server: DayZ DE 1-19
A truck and a Barrel dissappeared over night (Sa to Su) and today I couldn't manage to find a single item after about 1-2 of Playtime - not a single item in about 50 houses.
Therefore I think that items have been wiped on this server after a serverdown or something.

Happend to us some weeks ago that our whole camp just dissappeared (on a differen server) althoug it was said to be a 45days despawn time, and we couldn't believe that everything has just been stolen. But now I am kind of certain that there is a problem with the persistence, at least on serveral servers.

I'd be glad to get some information on that, if its a known issue atm.

Today I visited the same spot I left the truck and barrel on the same server - and they were there again with everything included, but the truck lays on the side!?
I am absolutely certain that it was the same server I joined the day when my stuff was gone and every other item on the server was gone too.
So the one day everything dissappeared and the other day everything is there again...


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This always happen when the maintenance start, i suppose thats when you connected.

As Far as I know the weekly maintenance isnt supposed to reset the Server anymore like it was before 0.55. There is no Wednesday wipe anymore where you have to pick up your tents and stuff. And besides the barrell and truck i lost were resetet and Sa-Su night so that cant be the case anyway.