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horticultured food on the ground makes city unable to spawn loot.
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So my friends and i have a camp with 6 barrels and 3 tents near a small city with about 10 houses. We use the greenhouses in the city to grow Pumpkins, Tomatoes etc. About a week after 0.58 was on stable we had our base up running and we all ran around the small city and interacted with the useless loot we found to force new respawns of loot. Well nothing has ever repawned, nothing at all.. Not even food, the entire city is pretty much empty and nothing respawns there anymore, we even picked up most of the food we had grown from the ground but it doesnt help.. its now been weeks and still no new respawns.. This goes for all gear all interacted with and dropped on the ground, hat, backpacks, books etc..


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Dont know if it has something to do with our garden plots in the greenhouses or not..

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Private server? I know a lot of private servers I go on I see an unnatural amount of floating clothing (meaning, clothing that has been dropped) that simply does not get cleaned up.

Something is still up with cleanup/respawn on some servers, but I've no idea what's triggering it.

No its an official server NL 4-106.. The items we interacted with despawned but nothing new has respawned in the entire city..