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Items spawn in waves
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CLE/persi is spawning items in "waves". I tested this in officer's tent, police station, new barracks and markets. In officer's tent I picked everything up, dropped it outside and waited. In officer's tent I got 5 AKs, exactly 5x AK101, dropped them outside. When I came back I saw wave of tactical shirts (different colors), dropped outside, returned and immediately a wave of M4 mags (CMags, some had capacity of 30 bullets, other 40 or even 10), dropped outside and wave of ballistic helmets. Then for ~ 30 minutes nothing spawned. After 30 minutes I got AUG wave (3 AUGs), then AK101 mag wave. There are few "fast waves" (I picked everything, dropped it outside and when I returned there was already new gear) and then 30 minutes of nothing. But why they are spawning in waves? It was always a wave of same items. Same with other mentioned buildings in market ot was: Canteen wave, gas lamp wave, hatchet wave, nothing for ~ 30 minutes and heatpack wave. I tested this on 3 different servers, all private hives, only one had persi off.


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Go to any mentioned building, pick everything up, wait, repeat.

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Items are still spawning in "waves" of same item. I picked every item in officer's barrack and after I returned there later I saw 5-6 military tents (and nothing more). In long barracks I saw wave of assault backpacks.