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I started bandading: Error No Unit
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Several times I got a message where when I am bandaging or applying a saline bag to somebody and it would not say their name, but instead the text message says: I start applying saline/start bandaging to :'Error No Unit'

If the action is not canceled the item will be 'consumed' but the patient will not recieve it.


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It seems to happen randomly, no viable way to reproduce.

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I think this happend to me once before when I was collecting blood from my friend in a previous version. It said 'Error no unit' after the action was done the bloodbag was full and my friend did not lose any colour.

That was a long time ago (I don't remember which version) and I did not report it at the time.

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Non of the people I play with named themselfs: Error No Unit

got that many time got it on a video saw this in arma3 too.