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Major lag in Severograd
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This seems to have happened since the hotfix, there is some major lag covering this town, FPS drops to under 10 and some of the players on my server have really good computers. You can pretty much put a border around the town and walk into and out of the lag if that makes sense? The whole town is simply unplayable


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I have only noticed this on my server personally but have spoke to other people in the community and some have experienced it also.

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i had this on one specific Server in Vybor every day. my screen was freezing and FPS goes to 1.

absolute the same as you describe. Other servers no problem.

i tried to find out what it was after many minutes in vybor it was gone... Other player did not have the problem, i was driving and my friend had no problems.

i had a very powerful computer.

same happened to me and my friend on NWAF.

3 People was in the Group, 2 of us had Major fps drop down to one, the 3rd guy was fine (his PC is worse than mine just to mention).

But not happens every time, once it Drops and on another Server it doesn't.