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Unable to "pack" an empty tent.
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I have two tents next to each other, I emptied one and was going to pack that tent and place it in the other tents inventory to keep my camp small. I emptied the one and was unable to get the option to pack the tent. After a few tries I experienced some desync. Then the tent changed location (is hanging in the air at a 90 degree angle from its previous location). It's been a few days and I still haven't been able to move the tent.

It's one the DG private hive if you want to take a look. {F32620} {F32621}


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you have to be in the tent to pack the tent, if you pick the tent and drag and drop it, it will be moved to an other place, this will be different in the future.

That explains the the tent moving. I tried dragging it when 'Pack Tent' would not appear on right click. Why doesn't 'Pack Tent' appear. I am in the tent when trying it as shown by the first screenshot.

i cant see your screenshots, only OP and mods can see them. you have to go into it and look on the ground it have to show you the option for "pack tent".

That is what I was doing. I was inside the tent, open to the inventory screen and when I right click on the tent in the inventory screen it gives me the option to 'close tent' and 'inspect' I have previously on this patch seen it say 'pack tent' in this location as well.... but alas, not this time

I've had this issue too.

Found someone elses tent. Emptied it and made sure there weren't any "hidden" items in it.
Didn't find any "pack" option whatsoever, only "Inspect and "Close/Open".
Tried manipulating the tent in all the ways I could come up with, nothing changed.

Returned to the same spot a day later and then I could pack it.

This was on a private hive.

i never had any issues on private or public like yours.

Go inside the tent until it pops up in your vicinity tab, the left side of your tab menu. left click and hold the tent, the entire tent, drag it to the left as if you were removing an item from the tent and let off the left mouse button. The tent will move slightly but will now be able to be packed by going inside, right clicking the tent, and packing it.

You are welcome.

@dick Cheney,
As I mentioned I tried manipulating the tent several times.
That included moving the tent, several times, just like you described.
So that isn't a fix/workaround for the issue we experienced.

With current UI we can't see the full inventory space, it's twice this size with the -newui launch option. If someone with this option put an item at the bottom of the inventory, you can't pack it nor move it. Hope it helps you.

Yes I am aware of that one, in this case it was with the small tents as well. The tent was truly empty.