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Certain items not respawning properly in private hives
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I have noticed that while the item hotfix did fix a multitude of issues regarding items respawning on private hives, certain items still persist even after their 30 minute lifetime. These items must be interacted with in order to get them to despawn/other items spawning.

These items are mostly military, but some civilian.

A non-comprehensive list is as follows:

Tanker Helmet
ZSh3 Pilot Helmet
All styles of berets
All tactical shirts
Smersh Backpack
Medical Scrubs Pants/Shirt

It should be noted that the issue is not present on public servers.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 Wait till an item respawns
2 Watch it untill 30m goes by
3 Interact with it
4 Let another 30m go by
5 Check if item despawns

Additional Information

The vast majority of civilian items and tools seem unaffected. I am unable to determine if firefighter helmets do not despawn properly either, due to the large amount of fresh spawns along firestation towns, as well as the hostility of NWAF.

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Do you think all items do despawn after 30 minutes on the spawn point? Dont thnik this is how it works.

All Items you listed are just not usefull so nobody is picking them up.

The 30 minutes timer only cleans aldd player dropped items (should - but is bugged soetimes).