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No loot
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this update has been terrible lately because I cant seem to find any loot at all this update ending up getting kill by starvation. if the loot is fixed this game will be better. make loot non persistence so new loot will spawn in and everyone will be happy.

When 0.59 comes out lets make sure the loot will be fixed.


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Hi Omega,

Do you have a couple of specific examples of servers (ip + port) where you experience this. With this info we can investigate further since this is not a global issue across all servers.


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im saying that there is no loot at all I have server hopped many servers for loot and none im just going to wait for 0.59 update to arrive for the loot to be fixed.

force persistence off on every server for new loot to re spawn next update (0.59) for new loot to every server restart.

Hey omega,

Where are you checking (on the map) and on which server. To be honest, this post almost seems like a troll post because I can visit any server and find loot. If that is the case don't waste their time with your frustration.

This is a bogus report.

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Ever since I played this game in 0.49 update I liked this game until CLE ruined this game that is why im starting to quit and never play this game ever again. I miss the old loot system in Dayz if the developers dont fix this loot spawns and re spawns when the next update (0.59) update hits. this game lost all support with these loot changes because the Devs betrayed us.

Head in-land.

Jesus.. everyone loots the coast, you'll find loot off the coast.

pretty sure just childish troll guys

It seem People still don't know this game or where to possibly find loot.

Everybody spawns on the coast that's where they first start to look for supplies. Head Inland.

  • If you spawn near Berezino, go towards Gorka.
  • IF you spawn near Cherno or Elektro, then go up the Skyscraper Hill (Dubky). Office building, 3 stores etc.

Going towards Gorka for me took like 30 minutes to gear up, get a weapon and enough Food to start my way up to the west.

Sorry, but there simply just does not seem to be an issue here. If I move around on servers or even server hop between servers, I don't see a global issue of loot not being present.