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All our camps are gone... 1 week of creating camps gone..
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So we join back today to find out that all 5 of our camps on diffrent servers are gone.. We had 5 barrels, 2 military tents, 3 normal tents..Spread out on 5 servers.. The barrels had 3 Augs, Ump, And 2 M4a1s.. All gone.. no warning or anything.. Wtf..

Was there a reset of all player camps??


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You devs keeps fucking us in the ass!!!..

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This is a major issue imo.. After 3 months of nothing you push out a fuckt up 0.58 with persistence.. So everyone starts making camps, gathering loot, then you find out the entire shit lags out the area (Something u should have fixed before it went stable) and then u remove all camps.. Meaning hours and hours of heli crash hunting is just gone.. 3 Augs, 2 M4s, Ump, Akm, Ak101, Ak74, Ak74u + shit load of mags and other stuff.. We had 5 tents and 5 barrels all full.. Took 5 of us about a week to collect.. And u remove it over night.. The guys just uninstalled.. and after 1200 hours im gonna do the same, because i doubt this game will ever work..

Hello equeone,

Unfortunately, it was necessary for us to wipe the persistence when updating the Stable branch servers from 0.58.129143 to 0.58.129488 this afternoon.