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Item cleanup testing on 0.58 experimental 0.58.129488
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This is not scientific at all but hope it might be of some use.

lastMPServerName="DayZ US Southeast 0-3 (Experimental/Unstable)";
started around 9pm Central US time on Sept 11, 2015

Twitch vod if needed: (~2hr stream)


  1. Items dropped on ground were cleaned up a) I was 1 of 2 players on server b) I was more than 200m away from dropped items for 20-30 minutes c) A Taloon backpack mostly full of items was also cleaned up d) Barrels, garden plot, snare trap were still there e) A jacket and cooking pot with items inside were initially there when I returned but disappeared soon after, unknown time frame
  2. Fire was cleaned up a) Seemed to be timer related, about an hour b) I was within 100m of fire when it disappeared c) It had burned down to coals while I was away (time and distance from #1) d) I added more wood and re-ignited it about 5 minutes before it disappeared
  3. A lot of item ghosting occurs when moving items to/from barrels


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I didn't notice any desync with 3 barrels full but only 2 people were on the server so probably means nothing

we were doing some testing on DayZ UK 0-8, you can see the feedbacks on forum. everything was awesome, almost no lag.

Hi wriley,

The bug on disappearing items has already been filed in #22861. The team is aware of the problem and are working on fixing it.

As to the bug on item ghosting, please feel free to file a seperate ticket for that.