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can't attach bipod
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I know there is an issue that you cannot take the hand guard off AK style weapons, but there is a way around this. You can paint them and they come off. Then you can put on an ak rail hand guard. However, even after doing this, you still cannot attach the bipod.


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Paint ak handguard to remove it from weapon, attach ak rail hand guard, and try to attach bipod. It will not attach.

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I was using the ak 74. Have not been able to find akm to try on.

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Issue exists with all AK rifles. I have tried it on each model and you can not attach the Bipod or Weapon >Flashlight with the Rail Handguard on.

You can also take the handguard off by putting the gun on your back and double clicking the handguard.

same with mp5...foregrip can't be removed or changed just by dragging the new one over the stock. And you can't even take off the stock foregrip as well it seems that mp5 and AK has the same issue