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Items respawn instantly at officer tent's
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Hey there,
i tested this in all 3 officer tents in some random servers and this method works. this is not only in officer tents, but some other military tents do this too. another one i tested this, is medical tent in military bases which only spawns vest and clothes and helmets.

if it help, i can create a video of this.

hope this helps.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. you need to make sure there is no items in a radius (known to me) of the officer tent your doing this.
  2. you clear out ALL the loots inside the tent.
  3. it takes randomly 5 to 15 second till another item respawns.
  4. you keep doing this, and works all the time you clear the items inside tents and drop them somewhere far from the said tent.
Additional Information

in step 2, there are sometime that you can't find any item(s) but they are there. only visible through the vicinity because they spawn in the floor.

in step 3, in my experience if it takes more, thats because two items will spawn.

in step 4, sometimes it stop working after you find a gun.

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i think, this is causing those big loot explosions. im not sure. because when i was testing this, i checked other tents and in that medical tents, it was lots of items. similar to loot explosions.